Here at Party All Day Rentals, we specialize in renting high quality items that help elevate your party or even. Our items are popular in the state of Utah for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties and more. See below for some of our more popular items that we rent. 

White Folding Chairs

These chairs are the ones that you want for your event! High quality for an affordable price. These folding white chairs are a step above the metal folding chairs and are much more comfortable with the padded seat. These chairs give an elegant look to any party, wedding or event. If you have a family gathering or holiday party, our folding white chairs are exactly what you need. 

Lighted Signs

Our lighted LOVE signs are unmatched in the state of Utah. We have a 4ft LOVE Sign and a 5ft LOVE sign. Both signs are high quality and have been used up and down the Wasatch Front at both weddings and anniversaries. With LED lights these signs are amazing and must be seen in person. The 5ft LOVE sign is extremely popular because of the color choices you can make with the use of the controller. We also have a table top LOVE sign that comes with a heart that adds to any decorations on a gift table or signing table. 

We also have a 5ft ONE sign for those one year old birthday for children or grandchildren. Last but not least our popular 4ft 50 sign is great for birthdays and anniversaries. 

Cold Spark Machines

Are you looking to take your birthday party, company party, or wedding to the next level? Our Cold Spark Machines have been used at all those types of events and more! These are especially popular for wedding sendoffs and first dances. The machines shoot sparks that go up anywhere from 5-12 feet depending upon the level chosen on the remote. These machines are safe to use indoors because of the cold sparks they shoot out. 

Make your next event special with our Cold Spark Machines!

Wine Barrels

The first item that Party All Day Rentals started with was a handful of wine or whiskey barrels that were restored by our team and became an instant hit with our clients. These wine barrels have been used both indoors and outdoors for weddings, company parties, halloween parties and more. Adding an authentic or western look the barrels are high quality and can also serve as a table by themselves, or you can use one of our barrel tops that are also available for rent, either the rectangle table top that uses two barrels, or just the single round table top

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